• Mark Young

CHN Moving Forward with Telehealth Services

Updated: May 18

Today, people have many options to access healthcare, and for some, the virtual experience has moved to the forefront as the desired method. The COVID 19 pandemic has expanded the use of telehealth, and it will continue gaining acceptance. If CHN is your medical home, you have access to this level of care throughout the week, but you also have access to us when you need a physical visit. Having us provide your physical and virtual healthcare needs sets us apart from many other providers.

For several years, CHN has provided virtual visits, otherwise known as telehealth or telemedicine, but on a limited basis due to many factors. COVID 19 changed all of that, and during April of 2020, CHN provided 1,877 behavioral health and 1,557 medical telehealth visits. More than half of the care we provided in April was through a virtual health visit.

The benefit of telehealth is that it minimizes the patient’s risk of traveling to a secondary location when it is not necessary. There are also the factors of convenience, time saved, and expanded hours of access. However, there are times when a virtual visit is not sufficient. There are times when a provider needs to see the person physically; these visits include well and preventive care, periodic visits for chronic illnesses, and even acute visits requiring an examination.

As your medical home, we have a comprehensive medical history and record of your health. We, therefore, can make clinical decisions that are in your best interest regarding safety, price, and effectiveness. Also, our in-house pharmacies can fill your prescriptions and mail them to your door at no additional cost. Finally, you, as a patient of CHN, can access our medical, behavioral health, and dental care services when you need them. We often have same-day availability of care for our medical and behavioral services, and we work to minimize wait times to access dental services.


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