Dr. Kokab Saeed


Kokab Saeed, MD is a graduate of Karachi University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science. In 1979 she also attended graduate school at Sind Medical Karachi in 1972-1979.
During Dr. Saeed's residency, she trained at UTMB, Galveston, in the department of pediatrics. During her residency, she learned to provide
superior care and consultation that resulted in an overall improvement of the department’s patient
satisfaction. Afterwards, she completed a fellowship or internship at the UTMB in
Galveston, Texas.

Dr. Kokab Saeed focused on patient treatment and reevaluated several methods of treatment, tailored to the patient’s individual patient history and efficacy of previous treatments. Her experiences in medical school eventually led her to attend the residency training program in 1990-1993 at UTMB. Afterward, she
began her career as a physician at UTMB for 20 years. Dr. Saeed has been practicing pediatrics since 1993. Since then. Dr. Kokab Saeed has been in the Department of Pediatrics at the Children's Clinic in League City, Texas since 20009.Currently, Dr. Saeed holds certifications from the AAP, ABP, SFA for excellence.  She was also awarded the teaching in 2001 for her contributions in: Teaching medical students and outstanding medical research.