Your Smile is Our Priority

As a part of our approach to providing quality, comprehensive healthcare, we also provide affordable dental services. Our dental providers and support staff are dedicated to creating a culture of good oral hygiene. Here is a look at what we provide: 

  • preventive care, i.e. cleaning, routine office visits

  • restorative care, i.e. fillings and crowns

  • endodontics, i.e. root canals

  • oral surgery - tooth removal and minor surgical procedures such as tissue biopsy and drainage of minor oral infections

  • orthodontics--retainers, braces, etc.

  • periodontics - scaling, root planning and management of acute infections or lesions

  • prosthodontics--dentures and bridges

Popular Dental Topics

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Our Dental Team

Dr. Venkat Veerisetty
Dr. Clementine Ingabire
Dr. Natalia Vernor
Dr. Albert Furtado
Dr. Anuradha Rao
Solanyi Lopez-Lima
Dental Hygienist
Mimi Le
Dental Hygienist
Tammy Nelson
Dental Hygienist