How To Get In Touch With Us!

For COVID-19 Testing Call: 281-954-4850

For Medical, Dental, & Behavioral Health Appointments call        281-824-1480, text 281-385-8401, or email

  • New Patients must register for services using the New Patient Enrollment Form by visiting This form must be completed before scheduling an appointment for COVID Health Screening, Testing, or a medical office/virtual visit with any of our providers. If you do not have access to the internet, please give us a call at 281-954-4850, and one of our patient services representatives will be able to assist you with the registration process.

  • Established Patients may complete the COVID Health Screen by logging into the Patient Portal. Please use the Patient Portal on our website to request an appointment, check labs, medication refills, and more. 

We are not collecting copays for any COVID-19 Visits and Testing.

Virtual Visits are now required for anyone seeking COVID-19 testing.

  • CHN will provide a Virtual Visit prior to receiving COVID-19 services. The medical provider will first provide a virtual visit through Doxy.Me and Zoom and order a Flu test, Strep test, and or COVID test, if needed for the patient. 

  • Pre-Visits: Medical Assistant calls the patient and conducts the health/COVID screen and completes intake.

Lab results and work/study notes will be sent to the patient portal and official versions may be obtained per request via encrypted email. 

  • Results take 3-5 business days to be received by the clinic. After results have been reviewed by a clinical team member the patient will be notified via Patient Portal for Negative results or by phone with further instructions for all positive results.

  • ALL POSITIVES: Need a post 2 days follow-up Virtual visit. 

  • ​IF EMPLOYER REQUIRES RETESTING: The patient may be retested if no symptoms after 14 days from the date of testing

  • IF NO RETEST: May return to work 10 days after being without symptoms (no fever 3+ days)

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