Community Health Network Opens its Second Pharmacy

Houston, TX, (February 17, 2020)— Community Health Network opened its second pharmacy to provide low cost, convenient prescriptions to Houston, Texas residents, and the surrounding areas.

Scarsdale Family Health Center is a community health center that specializes in adult medicine, pediatrics, behavioral health, and pharmacy services. We pride ourselves on our same-day availability and the exceptional level of assistance from our highly trained medical providers and staff. We accept Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare, private insurance, and cash payments. Individuals and families that are uninsured may be eligible for care at a discounted price, and patients that are not eligible will find substantial value in our office visits, lab costs, and pharmacy pricing.

"The best part about adding pharmacies into our Community Health Centers is the ability to work hand-in-hand with providers on-site to ensure we are doing everything possible to provide the best overall care for each patient.," said William Parker, Community Health Network's Chief Pharmacy Officer.

We look forward to providing complete care for the Houston population and the surrounding areas. For pediatric, medical care, behavioral health, and pharmacy services, visit us at 10851 Scarsdale Blvd Suite 160 Houston, TX 77089. For additional information, visit the or call 281-824-1470.