Community Health Network's Extended Response to Covid-19

As a network of health centers, Community Health Network is dedicated to providing care to our patients and our communities during this National Emergency. To address the needs of our patients and our staff members, we have implemented the following measures.

1)    Patient screenings for COVID-19 are conducted via phone interview. People identified as at-risk receive a thorough follow-up screening by a health care professional. 
2)    Patients that have certain risk factors are asked to come to a health center near them for testing. We are asking that they wait in their cars, and we will send someone out to perform the screening. 
3)    The first screenings will be for flu and strep. If the patient is positive for either screening, they can be seen within the clinic or through a telemedicine visit. 
4)    If the flu and strep tests are negative, and the provider believes there is a significant risk, the patient will be swabbed for COVID-19. 
5)    We will notify the individual’s county of residence health department.


It is vitally important that patients that are concerned should call our first: 281.824.1480

•    Freeport Community Health Network – Freeport, Texas
•    Brazoria County Dream Center – Clute, Texas
•    Angleton Internal Medicine and Adult Primary Care – Angleton, Texas
•    Adoue Family Health Center – Alvin, Texas
•    Women and Children’s Health Center – Alvin, Texas
•    Pearland Family Health Center – Pearland, Texas
•    Scarsdale Family Health Center – Sagemont Neighborhood, Harris County, Texas
•    Women and Children’s Health Center – League City, Texas
•    Bacliff Community Health Center – Bacliff, Texas

In addition to these measures, we are taking steps to reduce health risks to our patients and staff members by encouraging telemedicine and telehealth (counseling/psychiatric) visits. Also, our pharmacies will mail out prescriptions to patient homes at no additional cost. 

Community Health Network plans to provide care to our patients throughout this time of emergency.  We will work with all patients regardless of payer type, including Medicare patients, even though federally qualified health centers cannot bill for the care they provide their patients through telemedicine and telehealth.  

We will serve all patients regardless of their ability to pay for labs and office visits when medically necessary. 

Please contact us if you have any issues or concerns. 


Mark Young, CEO
Community Health Network